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CNC Machining

CNC machining cad cam

Though originally established to support the tool and die component of metal stamping & wire forming, ACME’s highly regarded machining group has expanded its services into custom short-run production machining in order to provide another value-added function to our capabilities.  ACME now maintains a series of late model CNC machining centers in addition to an array of traditional mills and lathes – all dedicated to providing our customers with precision milled and turned components for numerous high-tech applications, often with minimal lead time.   

The capabilities of our production machining department are too many to list in entirety but include many types of milling, threading, tapping, and turning.  Our machinists have the flexibility to manufacture custom parts both manually, through “old school” methods, or through the use of modern CNC equipment including cad/cam software. 

CNC machining CNC Mill