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Metal Stampings

Metal Stamping

Acme combines extensive all-purpose equipment and a large, flexible work area to meet your custom metalworking requirements. Medium and high-volume production is achieved to accurate specifications and close tolerances.  Presses ranging from 5 ton to 300 ton capacity are among the more than 100 pieces of equipment that Acme maintains to produce your custom components.

Acme also utilizes special attachments and accessories to implement economical production and material handling.  Among the supplemental machinery are:

  • Servo, precision roll, slide and grip feeds.
  • Mechanical and air-operated feeds and ejectors
  • Decoiling power reels and cradles
  • Metal Stamping
  • Stock straighteners
  • Scrap choppers

Metals In Use

Low Carbon Steel Galvanized Steel Bronze
High Carbon Steel Spring Steel Brass
Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum
HSLA Steel Copper Tin

Acme performs various manufacturing operations, including riveting and mechanical assembly, as well as resistance, spot, butt and projection welding.

Proven experience and equipment enables Acme to meet our customer's requirements.

Metal Stamping Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping Assemblies Metal Stamping Assemblies